Supported Lifestyle Modification (SLiM) Programme

We believe that everyone is able to take control of their own health.

The SLiM programme’s objective is to empower clients to take charge of their health, and be psychologically flexible. The programme advocate client-centred approach in decision making and facilitate long-term patient adherence to healthy lifestyle.

SLiM is a programme that focuses on the implementation of ‘therapeutic lifestyle changes’ for Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs); in an effort to achieve healthy living, a richer and more meaningful life – realised to its optimal potential.

SLiM provides Preventive, Treatment aiming for cure, and Rehabilitative care.

SLiM also provides training, coaching and mentoring for Health-Care Professionals (HCPs) who are interested in learning how to care for their patient in better ways.

SLiM… “empowering individuals to make better choices…”

The SLiM programme is designed for:


In many instances, we find health management addresses client’s present health complaints (i.e. when the disease has manifest itself).

At the SLiM Programme, we would like to be better!

The SLiM Programme advocates healthy lifestyle in order to prevent Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs), even before the first symptom appears.

We also focuses on getting clients free from the disease, not merely free of symptoms.

NCDs are direct outcome of lifestyle. What you do every day matters. Unhealthy habits shift the body’s biology out of ‘balance’. Bringing the biological state back into balance will reverse the illness i.e “cure”/remission.

The SLiM programme facilitates Sustainable Healthy Lifestyle Behaviour and adherence to treatment aiming for “cure” from NCDs.

Living with chronic illnesses is hard.

Apart from having to deal with chronic illnesses, rigidity in thinking creates stress and more suffering. It is the greatest barrier to a meaningful life.

The SLiM Programme integrates biological, psychological, social and spiritual factors into client’s care, following a holistic model of health. By being psychologically flexible, living a rich and meaningful life is possible while having to struggle with chronic illnesses.



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